I’m specialized on the following services.

Affiliate APIs

During the work on my WordPress plugin Affiliate Power and on several client projects, I got a lot of experience with the APIs of all leading European affiliate networks. If you want to automate your affiliate website and are sick of juggling spreadsheets, send me a message.

WordPress Development

I programmed several WordPress plugins and many WordPress based client websites. It’s a powerful system, which is flexible and easy to customize. A ton of plugins makes sure that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.

Technical Consultation

I don’t see myself as a pure programmer, who just implements exactly what he is told, but also as a technical consultant. I try to identify potential problems early on and actively propose solutions. From time to time, I will also question your assignments if I think I have a better idea. According to my clients, this is a big difference to many other web developers.

Search Engine Optimization

During the development of my WordPress plugin bananacontent (German), I learned a lot about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since I always have the important rules in mind, I can already optimize your website during development.